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MDX Products

Our Bioreactors are exact, easy to use and for the cell cultivation under controlled conditions in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological laboratories and industries.

MDX peristaltic pumps are the ideal solution for pumping in all laboratories of the medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

MDX Biotechnik International Co. Ltd.

"MDX" is a small innovative company in Germany. The foremost aim of MDX team is the development of economically simple and user-friendly instruments that produce excellent and exact results. The team of MDX consists of experts in development, construction and optimization of medical and laboratory instruments like, e.g., bioreactors, PH, oxygen and temperature probes with very small diameters and media autoclave for media preparation for the use in cell cultivation. .

The bioreactors of our company are exact, easy to use and are produced for the cell cultivation under controlled conditions in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological laboratories and industries. Other interesting products of MDX are laboratory pumps (called also peristaltic pumps) for exact and sensitive tests in all laboratories. MDX produces fully automatic stirring fermentors between 0.5 to 20 litres, fixed-bed bioreactors between 0.05 to 17.5 litres, a new multiple cell culture reactor and a small fluid bed fermenter for the use in medical technology and pharmaceutical industry.

Our Universal stirring fermenters are suitable best for all applications in the laboratories of biotechnology, pharmaceutical Industry and food industry. To protect the sensitive cells from damages the reactors are equipped with vessels of glass and lids of insensitive PEEK-Material. The adjustable axial stirring systems of the bioreactors are MDX products and ensure a shear stress free and optimal mixing of the cell mixture. The bioreactors are heated and cooled directly and don't need outer heating or cooling. But, a double jacket reactor with an outside temperature and cooling system can be offered on request. MDX is the manufacturer of the measurement and control technology, fittings and sensors for the small and big bioreactors. Another product of MDX is a small, high-pressure media autoclave "medoClav" with an integrated stirring system for the use in preparation of nursing media in all laboratories of biotechnology, medical and tissue engineering, pharmaceutical and food industry. MDX microprocessor-controlled laboratory peristaltic pumps and OEM installation pumps are exact, innovative and optimal for the use in all tests of the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories and for the installation in other systems.

The new, important and innovative products of MDX are a multiple cell culture reactor "multiferm" and a small fluidized-bed reactor. The multiple cell culture fermenter is a 12-Fold fixed-bed bioreactor and is constructed for the cultivation of eukaryotic cells. Among others, the bioreactor can be used in the cultivation of primary cells, the mass production of monoclonal antibodies and the tissue engineering. The idea of production of this multiple fixed-bed bioreactor is born in cooperation with the universities and other companies within the "Clusters BIOKATALYSE2021" project which was promoted by the Federal Ministry of education and research in Germany.

MDX fluidized-bed fermenter is a patented product. The bioreactor was developed in a cooperation with the Hamburg University of Technology. Fluidized-bed bioreactor, also called flow chamber reactor, is suitable for the use in the cultivation of the functioning adherent cells which need a carrier material for the growth. It can be used best in medical engineering and research, e.g., in the cultivation of the functioning liver cells, the cartilages and of the flat skin cells which can be used in the surgery. Another function of the fluidized fermenter is the reduction or replace of many expensive and painful bioassays which cost lives of many animals. The use of the fluidized bed reactor protects also the scientists which execute these tests and bioassays and are exposed to a large spiritual or really physical strain. Moreover, MDX bioreactors can be used also in environmental protection for example, in the scientific preliminary tests of the oil-dismantling in the ground and sea reason. Please, don't hesitate to call us for more information about our products. We are at your disposal.


The exclusive bioreactorsAs single or double vessel

Stirring bioreactors, Fixed-bed bioreactors and fermentors, 3D Flow-chamber bioreactor (Patent owner)

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Modular control systemProcess controller FCU05

FCU05 is the central control system of up to 4 MDX bioreactors and it can measure and control all parameters of the cell cultivation.

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The peristaltic pumps The ideal solution for pumping

could be used in all laboratories of the medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

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