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MDX Products

Our Bioreactors are exact, easy to use and for the cell cultivation under controlled conditions in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological laboratories and industries.

MDX peristaltic pumps are the ideal solution for pumping in all laboratories of the medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

MDX HP Tube Pumps

hp pump

HP tube pump is one of the most comfortable small tube pumps with only 550 g weight. HP is microprocessor controlled, user-friendly and can be used for sensitive tests in micro litre section. HP peristaltic pump has a choice of two firm speeds with an easy dismountable, around 90o rotatable pump-head, 6 rollers, 1 channel and is as follows available:

  • As HP/42/10, pump head diameter 42 mm, 10 rpm and flow rates 0.05 µl up to 3.3 ml/min.
  • As HP/42/90, pump head diameter 42 mm, 90 rpm and flow rates 0.005 up to 27 ml/min.
  • With 2-line LCD Matrix display.
  • Optional with Timer und Trigger function, external analog/digital control via RS232 and foot switch.

MDX Biotech peristaltic pumps are multifunctional for all application of analytic, medicine pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.


more infomation, please Download MDX pumps - prospectpdf Download MDX pumps


New MDX Series Much preciser, more powerful

for industrial production, pilot trials, with ultrafiltration supporting and high flow, high precision liquid transfer.

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The exclusive bioreactorsAs single or double vessel

Stirring bioreactors, Fixed-bed bioreactors and fermentors, 3D Flow-chamber bioreactor (Patent owner)

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Modular control systemProcess controller FCU05

FCU05 is the central control system of up to 4 MDX bioreactors and it can measure and control all parameters of the cell cultivation.

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