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MDX Products

Our Bioreactors are exact, easy to use and for the cell cultivation under controlled conditions in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological laboratories and industries.

MDX peristaltic pumps are the ideal solution for pumping in all laboratories of the medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

MDX Bioreactors: We build your bioreactor according to your wishes

  • for suspension cells: stirring bioreactors, airlift/fluidized bed bioreactors
  • for adherent cells: fixed-bed bioreactors
  • for tissues: 3D Flow Chamber bioreactors
  • used for recombinant protein products, monoclonal antibodies...

    The 3D Flow-Chamber Bioreactor

    Flow_Chamber_Bioreaktor Flow chamber bioreactor for medical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical using


    MDX flow chamber bioreactor opens different and excellent possibilities for the cultivation of the functional tissues and adherent cells. The fluid-bed bioreactor can be used in the medical technology and research, e.g., in the cultivation of the functioning liver cells, cartilages and flat skin cells.

    The flow chamber bioreactor system can work independently without CO2 incubator not only for tissue cultivation but also suitable for primary and secondary cell culture by replacing the base (flow cells). The nutritious medium is pumped by a peristaltic pump continuous and slowly to the cells in the fluid-bed chamber.




    A new multiple cell culture bioreactor for medical and scientific pretesting and tests

    "MultiFerm" is an automated and easy-to-use 12-fold fixed-bed fermenter system of the parallel cultivation of sensitive animal, human and other shear sensitive cells which are without stable cell wall. The system is used in the production of monoclonal antibodies, cultivation of adherent and recombinant cells and in the cell-physiological studies of tissue cells as example tumour cells, primary cells, stem cells, liver and kidney cells.


    The exclusive fixed-bed bioreactors

    Important knowledge can be won on the one's hand by the cultivation of animal or plant cells in the medicine and research, on the other hand can be produced the diagnostic, therapeutic or plant products. The cell cultivation can be used e. g. , in the following areas:


    In the production of monoclonal antibodies.
    In the production of recombinant proteins of the research and pharmaceutical industries.
    In the Bacteria or viruses cultivation for the vaccine production of pharmaceutical industries.

    A good supply of the cells with nutrients, a constant temperature distribution and an optimum aeration of the cells within the cell cultivation are important criteria for an optimal growth of the cells. MDX bioreactors and fermentors provide optimum, accurate and reproducible cultivation and growth possibilities for all cell types, whether shear stress-sensitive cell types with special needs, or insensitive cells. Cell cultivation places special demands on the sterility within the work with the cells. Medorex sample taker makes possible the sterile sampling from the bioreactor within the cell cultivation, that is ensured by sterile filter with 0.2 μ. By the use of Duran glass, the fermentors are resistant to acids and bases and allow insight at any time in the cultivation process. This simplifies the implementation of controlled cell cultivation. The lid of the bioreactor is made of high performance plastic PEEK material and contains no metal particles. This protects the sensitive cells and the cells are not damaged by the free metal molecules. Medorex autoclave able and easy use able fermentation systems allow cultivation-strategies of batch, fed-batch up to continuous cultivation of cells and guarantee the best conditions for successful cell cultivation.



    The exclusive stirring bioreactors

    are used for cell cultivation of shear stress insensitive cells as bacteria and many plant cells. They work completely automatically and are equipped with stirrer, magnet clutch, probes and fittings. They can be converted easy with few basic components into fixed bed systems.

    The stirring mini-bioreactor "Vario"

    is offered with double coat vessels for the cultivation of cells with a stable cell wall. The mini bioreactors are offered with 0.5 or 1 litres volume as standard instruments. The capacities of inner vessels are 100- 125 ml “Vario 500” and 125-250 ml “Vario 1000”. They can be offered also as multi system with 4 bioreactors. The outstanding features of the mini-bioreactors are separable double vessels with high lid occupancy density, the saving of expensive nursing media with the same cell yield results by the conical forms, the low height and the small diameters of the inner vessels.


    General qualities

    Fully automatic fermentors and bioreactors with remote control and supervision
    Magnetic clutches for an absolute sterile cell cultivation
    Automatic foam-resuspending
    Directly tempering and cooling with short response-times
    Norm ports of probes and fittings
    Use of high performance synthetic materials and Duran-glass instead of steel for the prevention of release of poisonous metal-particles and pitting
    Single-wall vessels with flange lids of Peek for the weight and cost reduction
    Temperature regulation by diving probes made of high-grade steel or Titan
    The fermenters can be equipped with standard probes and fittings
    Convertibly and adaptable to arbitrary methods
    Special developments on enquiry


    for more information, please Download MDX bioreactors - prospect pdf download (8.833 kB) download

    New MDX Series Much preciser, more powerful

    for industrial production, pilot trials, with ultrafiltration supporting and high flow, high precision liquid transfer.

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    Modular control systemProcess controller FCU05

    FCU05 is the central control system of up to 4 MDX bioreactors and it can measure and control all parameters of the cell cultivation.

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    The peristaltic pumps The ideal solution for pumping

    could be used in all laboratories of the medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

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