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MDX Products

Our Bioreactors are exact, easy to use and for the cell cultivation under controlled conditions in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological laboratories and industries.

MDX peristaltic pumps are the ideal solution for pumping in all laboratories of the medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

MDX Peristaltic and Tube Pumps

Welcome on the home page of MDX Biotech in Germany. To your manufacturer of pumps for analytics, laboratory and technology
An innovative and exact pump generation userfriendly, long-lasting, payable and comfortable for the use in the laboratories of:

  • Biotechnology.
  • Environmental technology.
  • Medical engineering.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry!

Characteristics of MDX Biotech tube pumps

  • Flow rates from 0.5 µl up to 2000 ml/min per channel.
  • Extreme easy change of tubes.
  • Easy use via 5 keys.
  • Depending on pump 1 up to 4 channels.
  • 2-line LCD matrix display.
  • Flow rate display in ml/min.
  • Depending on pump types microprocessor controlled for variable Speed 1:100.
  • OEM models for the installation into other equipments and systems.

multifunctional peristaltic pumps which are suitable for all applications in the research and development

more infomation, please Download MDX pumps - prospectpdf Download MDX pumps


Another alternative for you, our customer, is to buy a pump of other marks, which is also by us avaiabl. Those pumps are easy operated, and with micro flow rateas as ours. In addition, they are offering an alternation solution for industries. All of them could be found in our webshop.


Online Store MDX Online Shop

More products could be found in our online shop, in which you could have information of all catergory and buy the products you need

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The exclusive bioreactorsAs single or double vessel

Stirring bioreactors, Fixed-bed bioreactors and fermentors, 3D Flow-chamber bioreactor (Patent owner)

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Modular control systemProcess controller FCU05

FCU05 is the central control system of up to 4 MDX bioreactors and it can measure and control all parameters of the cell cultivation.

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