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MDX Products

Our Bioreactors are exact, easy to use and for the cell cultivation under controlled conditions in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological laboratories and industries.

MDX peristaltic pumps are the ideal solution for pumping in all laboratories of the medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

MDX Tube


A new tube pumps (also called peristaltic pumps) generation with very simple tube change
The standard models are with variable or fixed speeds.
The Pump heads can be removed very easy. The heads are rotable by 90°.

Tubes and their Application
Please choose the right tube material for your application

Name Silicon PharMed/Santoprene Tygon LFL
Advantages Hardly removing from softeners and other additives smell neutral, not toxic, mould resistant, ideal for low temperatures, waterproof and resistant to ozone, radiation, sunlight

Can be welded, stuck and formed, very long lifespan, low gas permeability, suitably for the medicine and food area, impermeable for normal light and UV radiation.

Clear tube with a high life time, high chemical compatibility, tasteless, good dielectric qualities, low gas permeability, suitable for the medicine and Food section
Qualities Not suitably for concentrated solvents, oils, acids or thinned potassium Hydroxide, relative high gas permeability Remove from additional chemicals is possible Not suitable for human blood and tissue part
Physical qualities

Transparent, Polydimethylsiloxane with silica and Siliconoil additives, excellent compression resistance

Polypropyleneelastomer, excellent tensile strength non-transparent, beige

Flexible, soft, transparent clear
Temperature range -50°C up to +230°C -50°C up to +135°C -50 up to +74°C
Acid Conditional good good
Base Conditional good good
Solvent not suitable not suitable not suitable
Pressure Satisfactory good good
Vacuum good good good
Viscous media Satisfactory till good excellent excellent
Sterile media good good good
Complies with the norms USP class VlFDA 21 CFR 177.2600 USDA standard

USP class VlFDA 21 CFR 177.2600 (only Pharmed) 3 ARPA and NSF

USP class
Sterilisation Gamma radiate or autoclavable in steam atmosphere, sterilisation not with ethylene oxide Autoclavable, without ageing appearances Steam and ethylene oxide sterilization capable (max. 30 min. at 121° degrees Celsius)
CO2 1200 1200 563
H2 16170 x 10-11 772 x 10-11 362 x 10-11
O2 200 200 124
N2 80 80 67

Name Viton / Fluran F-5500 Norprene

Resistant against chemicals, excellent resistance against corrosive media, solvent and oils with high temperatures, low gas permeability

Good resistance against acids and bases, long lifespan, low gas permeability, can be stuck welded and formed, not oxidizing, good dielectric qualities, doesn't age

Qualities Restricted lifespan Remove from additional chemicals is possible
Physical qualities Fluorpolymerelastomer, non-transparent, black Polypropylenelastomer, excellent tensile strength, non-transparent, black
Temperature range -40°C up to +200°C -60°C up to +130°C
acid excellent good
Base excellent good
Solvent good not suitable
Pressure good Satisfactory
Vacuum good good
Viscous media good excellent
Sterile media Satisfactory Not recommendable
Complies with the Norms no details no details

Steam and Ethylenoxide sterilization capable (max. 30 min. at 121° degrees Celsius)

Not recommendable
CO2 38 1200
H2 24 x 10-11 772 x 10-11
O2 14 200
N2 5 80

Manufacturer's indications, she should be used for a test merely as out campaign funds.


Insertion of tubes - prospectpdf Insertion of tubes


more infomation, please Download MDX pumps - prospectpdf Download MDX pumps


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