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MDX Products

Our Bioreactors are exact, easy to use and for the cell cultivation under controlled conditions in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological laboratories and industries.

MDX peristaltic pumps are the ideal solution for pumping in all laboratories of the medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

The new MDX Products


    MDX TDN-3 tdn3

    The TDN-3 series is one of the latest developed powerful peristaltic dosing pump, which allows to fulfil a wide range of requirements when it comes to transporting and dispensing liquids with large flow and high precision, from laboratory use to industrial manufacturing.

    As a peristaltic pump, it is possible to adjust the speed range in transferring mode from 0.1 to 350 rpm and the flow rate can be setten between 0.1 - 1750 ml/min/channel (depending by tube size and number of rollers. The 4.3” LCD display shows an overview of current setting modul including its dispensing values. It can be connected with pc, PLC and HMI.

    As a dosing pump, it has two dispensing modes, one is volume dispensing in which total filling volume can be shown in LCD display; the other one is speed dispensing in which motor speed or total filling volume will be shown. The pump has low vibration and a low noise level. The pump is conform to GMP requirements. The pump is the ideal choice for laboratories and industrial production where there is a need of precise dosing and low product pulsation.

  • The speed range is available from 0.1 to 350 rpm
  • The folw rate is 0.1 - 1750 ml/min per channel depending on requierment
  • Speed resolution: 0.01 rpm
  • Resolution of dosing volume: 0.01 ml
  • Filling accuracy: 0.5 - 1.0 %
  • Dosing time: 0.1 - 999.99 sec
  • Pause time: 0.1 - 999.99 sec
  • Time resolution 0.01 sec
  • Applicable tubing sizes: 0.8x1.6; 1.6x1.6; 2.4x1.6; 3.2x1.6; 4.8x1.6; 6.4x1.6; 8.0x1.6
  • Easy tubing change
  • Tubing pressure adjustable

    More infomation, please tcn6pdf Download MDX TDN-3 pumps


    The other pumps

more infomation, please Download MDX pumps - prospectpdf Download MDX pumps




The exclusive bioreactorsAs single or double vessel

Stirring bioreactors, Fixed-bed bioreactors and fermentors, 3D Flow-chamber bioreactor (Patent owner)

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Modular control systemProcess controller FCU05

FCU05 is the central control system of up to 4 MDX bioreactors and it can measure and control all parameters of the cell cultivation.

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The peristaltic pumps The ideal solution for pumping

could be used in all laboratories of the medical engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

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